Defensive Opportunity

White and Partners Debt Solutions

White and Partners provides tailored debt solutions for borrowers in the commercial real estate (CRE) sector. Since the inception of our business, we have participated in a wide range of CRE-focused deals with investments placed across the capital spectrum and in a variety of asset classes. Since 2015, the business has participated in over $400 million worth of senior and junior debt deals.

Our Advantage

As part of Australasia’s largest real estate group, White and Partners can leverage our vast network to gain greater insight into the markets and asset classes in which our partners operate. These networks allow us to quickly gain a deep understanding of deals in which we are invited to participate, which in turn means we can deliver faster and more effective solutions to borrowers.

Our Capital Solutions

First Mortgage

Unconstrained by deal size, geography or asset class, our property-focused business model allows us to offer more competitive gearing than other bank and non-bank lenders. We take a deal-by-deal approach, working with each borrower to tailor deals based on individual circumstances and build a ground-up view of assets, risk and pricing. Accordingly, we can offer flexible solutions such as convertible debt to equity when appropriate.

Junior Debt

In situations where a strong sponsor is seeking the most effective use of their capital, White and Partners can provide tailored junior debt solutions across mezzanine funding and preferred equity.


White and Partners seeks to align the interests of Manager, Borrower and Investor to ensure strong project outcomes and capital protection. Across all our projects, White & Partners has invested over $80 million alongside investors, on exactly the same terms as other investors.

Our history as a property-focused business allows us to undertake more comprehensive due diligence with a better understanding of the risk profile of the deals in which we participate, in turn providing strong returns for investors. This is evidenced by the $180 million of loans repaid since the inception of the debt business.